Receiving funding assistance from public agencies often determines whether a municipality or utility system can build an important utility project. There are several regional, State, and Federal public agencies that have programs specifically developed with the goal of assisting municipalities in funding utility projects. Each agency has their own set of objectives for their programs and their qualification requirements and funding amounts vary from one to the other.

AE’s funding assistance services include the following:

  • Evaluation of proposed project and selection of appropriate funding agency and program.
  • Prepare formal inquiry with agency to evaluate project funding eligibility.
  • Prepare, submit and process funding request application, reports, and necessary documentation.
  • Administration of funding agency requirements during design and construction required by the grant/loan.

AE staff has been directly responsible for preparing funding applications and securing numerous grants and loans for its clients. The following is a list of some of results of these efforts:

  • $5.8 million (85% grant) from SRF for new Ion-Exchange System for Haines City, FL (2016).
  • $3.8 million (45% grant) from USDA for improvements to the Wahneta Water System (2014).
  • $2.3 million grant/loan from SRF for water main extensions and private well replacement program consisting of 15 miles of new water mains.
  • $1.4 million grant/loan from SRF ARRA for improvements to an existing water treatment plant (2010).
  • $3.3 million grant/loan from USDA and $800,000 grant/loan from SRF for a new 0.8 MGD water treatment plant (2010).
  • $400,000 grant/loan from SRF ARRA for a 2,700 ft water main replacement project (2009).
  • $4.4 million grant/loan from USDA for a new 1.25 MGD water treatment plant (2007).
  • $1.25 million loan from USDA for improvements to an existing 0.75 MGD water treatment plant and water distribution system improvements (2007).
  • $3.8 million grant/loan from USDA for improvements to a 1 MGD wastewater plant (2005).

 Click here for a Summary of the most active funding agencies in the Central Florida area along with basic information for each program.