We often encounter private developers, investors, or entrepreneurs that are interested in building facilities, yet lack the experience necessary to navigate the requirements set by municipalities, counties, or public agencies. AE has helped several private parties understand municipal permitting requirements and has guided them through the development/permitting process reducing the overall permitting time and minimizing costs (impact fees, engineering costs, construction costs, etc.).


  • In 2011, a small packaged wastewater plant owned by a private college in Polk County often became flooded by the high water levels of an adjacent lake. AE staff guided the owner through the County's permitting process to relocate the wastewater plant, designed and permitted the plant, coordinated bidding activities, and represented the owner during construction.
  • In 2012, a major beverage producer in Central Florida decided to expand its processing facility, however, the additional water demand and wastewater production caused by the expansion would have required payment of a large sum of impact fees and other utility related fees imposed by the municipality. AE staff assisted the owner in navigating the various alternatives available to minimize the permitting cost and impact fees associated with the expansion.
  • In 2012, a private developer embarqued on construction of a recreational camground complex in the eastern Polk County area. AE assisted with the design and permitting of the packaged wastewater plant, coordinated a competitive bidding contractor selection process, and represented the owner during construction.
  • In early 2013, a South American industrial facility relocated to the Central Florida area. AE assisted the owners in finding a suitable property for their operation and navigating the site plan approval and local permitting process.