AE’s industrial wastewater related services

  • Raw wastewater quality evaluation
  • Industrial WWTF design and permitting
  • Physical separation processes Anaerobic treatment
  • Aerobic treatment
  • Biogas collection and reutilization
  • Effluent disposal alternatives evaluations


  • An industrial facility producing animal feed products from phosphate produced approximately 250,000 gallons of industrial wastewater per day with elevated levels of arsenic and boron, among other constituents. AE staff conducted the design, installation, and operation of a sand filtration and reverse osmosis treatment system to remove these inorganic constituents and allow effluent discharge into a nearby creek.
  • A citrus processing plant in Central Florida partially treats its industrial wastewater at their own wastewater plant, however, the effluent was discharged to the municipal sewer. The high organic content and flow of this activity resulted in high monthly sewer bills to the owner. AE staff assisted the owner in identifying alternate effluent disposal options to end the discharge to the municipal system. The solution was the design and permitting of a percolation/evaporation pond.