AE’s municipal wastewater related services

  • Collection and transmission system design
  • Pump station design and rehabilitation
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) design and permitting
  1. Pilot Testing
  2. Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment
  3. Enhanced biological phosphorous removal
  4. Sludge treatment and disposal
  5. Effluent disposal
  • Design and permitting of packaged WWTFs
  • FDEP Permit renewals
  • Road widening water main relocations
  • Wastewater system masterplanning


AE staff designed, constructed, and operated three scaled down replicas of a 13.7 MGD municipal WWTF to pilot test the performance of an innovative approach to Enhanced Biological Phosphorous Removal (EBPR). The pilot plants included anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic zones equipped with miniature mixers and aerators, secondary clarifiers, peristaltic pumps, and other equipment to replicate full scale conditions. The results of this pilot test were so promising that a technical paper was written and accepted for publication by Water Environment Research and presented at the 2003 WEFTEC Conference.

Engineer of record in more than four large scale municipal WWTF projects within Central Florida, ranging in size from 50,000 gpd to 8 MGD. The nature of the projects included new WWTFs, expansion to existing WWTFs, and improvements to selected unit processes.

Engineer responsible for the design improvements to rehabilitate an existing 1 MGD WWTF providing service to office facilities of a petrochemical complex in Venezuela.

AE staff prepared the Polk Commerce Centre Utility Master Plan for the City of Auburndale (2013).